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Tristan Ozzy Jonathon!

Our Baby Boy!

Tristan was born on 9/11/02 at 8:56am! About 6 weeks before his original due date, Tristan spent the first month of his life in the NICU! It was rough, but we made it! So hopefully this is a consolation for those with Preemies still in the NICU! You will make it through! We did! :)

Tristan is our first baby, this page is under construction, but hopefully it will get a little more refined.. if we have time that is!


February 11, 2003, will be Tristan's 5 month old B'day! He's doing very well, and like they predicted he is a little behind schedule comparing to on-time babies, but they said he'll catch up! We're not worried! He's too cute to worry too much about him!

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February 5, 2003